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Home - Introduction

About spiritual awareness

Bring profound, lasting change into your life by changing your thought patterns. Learn how to:

  • Resolve inner conflicts and reduce - even eliminate - the need to keep repeating negative behaviours
  • Learn the truth about the issues that keep us stuck in the past
  • Discover the spiritual component of injury, illness and unhappiness
  • Build self-esteem and practice other important spiritual skills
  • Get answers to your spiritual questions
  • Change a poor spiritual diet into one that is rich in positive thoughts, attitudes and emotions

In the sea of humanity, our every action touches another. Our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires cause our actions to be either kind or cruel. Simply denying that we have negative thoughts serves no purpose other than to excuse ourselves from making changes; likewise blaming others for our negative thoughts. Until we acknowledge that we have them, and are responsible for them, we are powerless to change.

Figure 01: Ripples

Figure 01: Ripples

The good news

The good news is that since our thoughts create our reality, we can change our reality by changing our thoughts. The thoughts we "feed" ourselves (our spiritual nutrition) are every bit as important as the nutrients we eat and drink (our physical nutrition). A steady spiritual diet of fear, anger, worry or guilt is much like a steady physical diet of potato chips, candy and soda pop. This website teaches how to change a poor spiritual diet into one that is rich in positive thoughts, attitudes and emotions, belief systems and desires. Do the self-work herein and watch as your automatic responses to difficult people and situations mature and improve.

Figure 2: Components of our spiritual diet

Figure 02: Components of our spiritual nutrition

Doing this self-work will bring positive change into your life. How much is up to you. You can do as much or as little as you decide. Even if you only resolve one inner conflict though, your life will improve. Of course we all have many inner conflicts, so the more issues you are able to resolve, the more likely you will be to meet your soul’s true, full potential. After inner conflicts are resolved and negative patterns remodeled, you may find yourself wondering, “What more is there to do? Is this all there is?” Indeed, there is more. Section 11 provides information about continuing your path toward increased spiritual awareness and growth.

Listen to this audio file of Sally-Anne of Holding Hands Wellness Australia and I discussing the importance of healthy nutrition, both physical and spiritual, living “rudderless”, and how to gain profound healing. We do a short meditation session that demonstrates how to connect with your spiritual guide.

Audio recording - Run time 50 minutes (30-second pause before audio starts)

Food for thought
Just think of the billions of dollars and vast resources that could be spared,
were we to forgive those who harm us.
Just think of the needless pain and suffering we could avoid if we were to forgive ourselves.
Chronic diseases could be avoided, along with harmful acts done out of despair, anger or hatred.

The power of thought

The immense power of our thoughts cannot be overstated. Nothing exists in physical without first having existed in thought. Our thoughts drive our every action or inaction. The state of humanity is what it is today because of our thoughts, whether positive or negative. If we are ever to reduce negativity in the world, we must first change ourselves; we cannot change ourselves unless and until we recognize - and refine and reduce - our own thoughts. We must stop blaming (the devil, the weather, the moon, other people, circumstances, etc.) and start accepting responsibility for our negative thoughts.

If you want to change negative thoughts but do not know which ones you might have, or if you do not think you have any, look up the physical conditions you have and see the thought patterns that can enable them.

Figure 03: Thought manifesting in matter produces physical life

Figure 03: Thought manifesting in matter produces physical life

Food for thought

“Success comes to those who know and apply the law. Truth will triumph over all adversaries. Each one must learn by dear bought experience the difference between ‘human opinions’ and 'divine truth’, between 'human leading’ and ‘divine guidance’. ... So long as we get rid of selfishness, ignorance, envy, self-seeking and self-praise, the advance and prosperity of the movement is assured. But our duty is to be loyal to the Spirit of Truth, which commands us to sacrifice the personal for the Universal and our own selfish interests and opinions for the one Divine Center of truth and love, within each one where unity and harmony alone can obtain.”
Excerpt from MELCHIZEDEK
OR The Secret Doctrine of the Bible
J. C. F. Grumbine

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